The Social Enterprise, Queenpads emerged in July 2018 in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea after a random discussion with a friend due to a personal problem of not being able to afford Quality Menstrual Products on a monthly basis whilst being unemployed

Research in Port Moresby validated that about 80% of ‘unemployed women and young girls’ including a few employed women in urban areas at home, in communities, villages, even schools “Cannot afford Quality Menstrual Products” hence turn to use other cheaper or alternate absorbent product or materials accessible which may be somewhat unhygienic or harmful during their special days. Also these women and girls within urban (also rural areas) lack access to proper education and awareness (with the right information) on Menstrual Health, good Menstrual Hygiene Management practices, the different types of available Menstrual Products currently on the market hence many continue practice what is normal for them.

Queenpads therefore aims is to produce and reach as many unemployed women and girls with an alternative Reusable Menstrual Products that is Cost Effective, Environment and Women Friendly and also to effectively conduct awareness on Menstrual Heath and Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) practices in communities, schools, villages, workplace. 







We produce Quality Reusable Menstrual Products that comes in Standard sizes which are Affordable & Cost Effective, Environment & Women friendly.


We conduct Awareness on Menstrual Health, the importance of Good Menstrual Hygiene Management Practices and promote the environment women friendly reusable menstrual product.



By issuing *Free samples to Women and Young Girls (first-timers) upon request.





Individual Reached

Free Queenpads samples issued

Visits to Communities, organizations, schools and workshops

Invites to workshops





We are a team of ambitious, focus and impact driven individuals with great passion to address issues surrounding Menstrual Health space in PNG and the Pacific region.

Anne Shirley Korave

Anne Shirley Korave


Beautlyn Eliab

Beautlyn Eliab

Media, Communications and Marketing Strategist

Nancy Gerega

Nancy Gerega

Production Strategist

Casual Volunteers

Casual Volunteers

engaged for production & awareness as and when required


JOIN the Community of Queens‘ 

This Community is made up of the users of our lovely Queenpads products, whom we recognize as Queens and supporters of Queenpads.

– How to JOIN?

  • *Complete the Questionnaire & receive a *Free sample of our lovely Queenpad*



Together let us address issues surrounding Menstrual Health that is silently affecting our Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Aunties, Nieces, Girl Friend, Wife, Partner, Colleague, Students in both Urban and Rural areas within Papua New Guinea and across the Pacific Region.

*How to Show Support?

    Invite us for Awarenes

    Inviting us to your community, village, school or organization for awareness programs would be great.

    Partner with us

    Partnering with us would enhance our reach, improve efficiency and increase impact.

    Donate in cash or kind

    Donating would go a long way creating lasting impact on our women and girls who needs assistance for their Special days.


    Volunteering in our events, awareness programs or production would be a great opportunity to be part of our team.

    Make a sugesstion

    Making suggestions creates improvements in awareness, production and distribution.

    Place an Order

    Pre-ordering in bulk is also acceptable. ‘terms and conditions’ apply.



    ‘Queenpads Products Limited’
    PO Box 157, Waterfront, Konedobu 
    National Capital District
                   Mobile (+675) 79436955
    Email: info@queenpads.net or sales@queenpads.net

     We are also on Facebook https://facebook.com/queenpadspng/